About Us

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Sensi Pharma is dedicated to developing the highest quality medicinal cannabis as well as providing cannabis consultancy services to both medicinal and governmental institutions. All our products are produced under stringent conditions, ensuring reliable and consistent results.


Cannabis Genetics for the health industry

Sensi Pharma is an enterprise from Dronkers BV, a Dutch company that has specialized in all aspects of the cannabis plant since 1985. Through these decades of expertise, we have established an extensive collection of cannabis genetics and a and identified many different cannabinoid profiles of relevance to the health industry.


Cannabis Consultancy

The cannabis industry is a rapidly expanding market with seemingly little in the way of trustworthy information. Sensi Pharma partners can benefit from the experience and knowledge of a long-established, highly respected business with a proven track record. Partners include the Dutch health ministry and several universities including Mount Sinai and the Dutch Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC).

Our website provides information about medicinal cannabis and the medical applications of cannabinoids in general. Should you have further questions, please contact us.